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20 Aug 2006

Had a brilliant day out with the 2 Ford Siera Cosworth Helm racing cars on a very busy track day out at Donington Park. I have to say that the cars really did steal the awe of the people being the best properly kittedĀ racing cars, rather than just modded road cars.

Videos to come, but i've put some photos up on my gallery here.

Sitting in these things was pretty scary (although you feel safe) purely because of just how damn fast they are. During the second half of the day as the weather cleared up and the slicks went on, you feel like your soul is left behind when accellerating out of the corners.

Mark and Jeff are two excellent racing drivers too. I'm now looking forward to the next race days. Not sure if my stomache will be as much though :-)

20 August 2006 08:03 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
12 Aug 2006

Once a year in Bristol there is a balloon fiesta. Bristol is very much used to seeing hot air balloons as soon as there is any nice weather and sunny skies it's almost inevitable that you'll see a couple or more balloons. However, this fiesta, apart from being a massive fun fair etc, has an awesome sight called the night glow, where hot air balloons are used like disco lights.

Here is a video of the finale for this year. If you've never seen it before in real life, its something that will make the eyes pop out of your head the first time you do see it.

I've got a very small set of photos too of the event in my image gallery here.

You can feel the heat of those flames in the crowd!

12 August 2006 11:05 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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