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09 Feb 2010

 So I finally submitted the score to my piano instructor whom asked if I would play it in the minor. I've not been able to do that before and it came out perhaps not as good as in A-Major, but none-the-less interesting when played in A-Minor. You can listen to it below.

- in A Minor

09 February 2010 00:28 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
08 Feb 2010

I finished most of the new tune. Not thought of a name yet, and there is still plenty to do yet. Some parts I'm not totally happy with, but its getting there. It's called Unknown #2 because I haven't thought of a title yet. You can also hear what the first written score would generally sound like at the bottom of this post.

Here is the score:

Adam Saunders - Music Score
Unknown #2 - By Adam Saunders

You can listen to it below.  The second one is played at a more intermediate speed. Its very difficult to play this piece at the faster speed. It's technically possible, but would require a lot more practice and experience. I've created the second one to show how it would sound at a more honest tempo, and its also the speed I've actually put on the time signiture of the score.

- Quick tempo

- Intermediate tempo

I've also added what the previous tune "Commencons" sounds like. This is played by a computer so not quite as good as a human playing it. It really needs the flow and variable tempo a human can add to it.

If you have any feeback, think any part you just aren't sure about, be sure to leave a comment. I can't improve without knowing what people think.

08 February 2010 12:55 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
07 Feb 2010

I'm currently going through the process of writing my next tune. Been trying different scoring software and ended up using Sibelius which is actually an app used a lot in schools. It takes a lot of practice to start writing music quickly. I'm not totally convinced on the interface. An opensource application called MuseScore has a much easier input method but it was just too buggy unfortunately.

Adam Saunders - Piano Score

Next thing to get is a MIDI to USB cable so I can make note entry easier. (At least I hope). This week is getting rather anxious for me as I've got to play my first scrored music in public and to someone from the Royal School of Music. So I'm spending all this weekend writing up my second piece and practicing the first one... and biting nails of course..

07 February 2010 17:36 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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